Our Drones

Adam Carney Photography uses the latest in cutting edge aerial technology utilizing UAV (Unmanned Aerial Systems) to capture extremely-smooth /extreme aerial filming. Aerial Films are used in film production, corporate videos, motorsports coverage, and real estate agencies. Our Mavics and Race Drones shoot full 4K UHD for ultra-smooth video. By utilizing 4K video up to 30P and gimbal stabilization technology, pictures are bright and clean. The smaller size and top of the line detection systems on the Mavic make it the perfect indoor or outdoor UAV. Our multiple race drones, with their high speeds and extreme maneuverability, make them ideal for filming high-speed action shots. 

Adam Carney Photography is FAA Part 107 compliant and licensed by the FAA. We also carry our  NC UAS Certificate. We follow all federal guidelines when flying. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best in aerial photography and cinematography.


Businesses- Aerial Photography & video can offer a unique view that shows the location’s advantages, access, and surrounding development. It’s also great for showing a different vantage point of your business and facility by showing an ariel view. Any business can increase its appeal to utilizing aerial photography & video.

Real estate– Real estate agents can benefit from the unique aerial view giving then a step up on their competitors. The different angles, an aerial video or photo can provide gives the buyer with more information and more confidence about their purchase. Being able to see the entire property also allows the customer to visualize the future of their property better.

 Special Events– Some events are just too big to capture from the ground, and an aerial view opens new doors and unique options. An image from above is a great way to capture the overall picture of an event. These photos are great visual tools for future promotional material, media releases, and websites. 

Adam Carney Photography is committed to delivering high-quality images and videos, so the date for each shoot will be controlled by weather conditions. Go to our Facebook page, Adam Carney Photography and Like our page and follow us as well! You will make sure you are notified about our schedule and events.

WHAT WE COVER: Adam Carney aerial photography and video covers: real estate, sporting events, motorsports, commercial, and residential areas to name a few.

–we are photography services that can handle photos or videos from the ground or air.

– ask for quote

– Custom Pricing Available

SAFETY Our UAV’s have numerous safety and fail-safe device and protocols. Our UAV’s utilizes built-in GPS flight mode and has a back-up “return-to-home” functionality. Safety checks and precautions are made before and after each flight.


-Outdoor Weddings

-School & campus events

-Real Estate Listings

-Construction Progress Record Property & Storm Damage

-Commercial Real Estate Development & Pre-Development 

-Footage Shot in full 4K Ultra HD (4K)

-Commercial and Residential Sports and sporting events

-Corporate Events TV/Film/Web video production

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