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Morganton Monster

Morganton Monster-780

Morganton Monster weekend

Just this last weekend my Crossfit Gym joined in the Morganton Monster workout. This was the first event I have gotten to be a part of. The level of fitness and competition between different teams and gyms was only trumped by the great sportsmanship shown. No matter if they were agains one another the cheers when a athlete reached a new PR (Personal Record) out did all. Being a part of this and being able to capture the raw emotion of competition as exhilarating. The only time that the electricity of competition was not in the air was when a young man overheated and fell to the ground. The community came together getting water shade and anything else that was needed. Best group of people I have ever had the pleasure of being around. 

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Bring it back to life


      Now that I am into digitizing photography I have found that the instant gratification i get when restoring an old photo is so much more then I thought it was. I like taking the time and searching over every inch of the photo making it look as much like the original as possible. Then when you show someone the picture they thought was a complete loss and their eyes light up, emotions start flowing and the joy is felt all around. The other thing that makes this so satisfying is when you get the photo retuned to the customer and watching them share what was once a picture in the box under the bed with the rest of their family. 

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Hanging Around the Office

Working Hard

  Today I was working on some repair files and something caught my eye. Doing repairs takes focus and time so the sneakiest of them all worked her way into my office and up onto the bookshelf. Sitting there for what I imagine to be at least 20 minutes the only reason I noticed her was that she had to stretch. I guess board with my lack of activity she decided it was time to leave. My wife said she is one of the better nicknacks in the room. I did manage to get a shot of her before the decent. For anyone who has not met her this is my 15yo cat peepie.

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