My love of photography started at a early age with my father spending long nights in the dark room developing image after image. Spending countless hours painting or sketching images on a piece of paper in the dining room soon lost its luster. Then I found digital photography and all of the amazing things I could do with it. Capturing moments in peoples lives is one of the most gratifying things I could ever do. From the first kiss of a husband and wife to the first time the adrenaline junkie gets his knee down doing 100mph in the curve I get the moment.

My goals are to create timeless images that capture the moment and, more importantly, the emotion. I pride myself on being able to mix even parts photojournalism and  guided posing to create the perfect moment. My wish is that one day your children or grandchildren discover your images and pass on your story to the next generations.

I'm currently living in Hickory, NC. I have a beautiful wife, Jennifer, and four children as well as four grandchildren.

I look forward to hearing from you and capturing your story!



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