Real Estate Photography

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High-quality yet affordable real estate photography.

We use studio lighting to ensure accurate colors, dimensions, and views. At no extra cost, we provide TV and fireplace swaps; and when needed, sky swaps as well. We also provide twilight shoots to show the serenity and grandeur of your listings. Contact us for more info.

Drone Photography

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FAA licensed drone photography and 4K Drone videography.

Offering skilled and licensed pilots, we ensuring legal flight paths, and obtaining tower clearance near airports when need-be. We incorporate drone shots and videos with your other real estate photography deliverables including virtual tours and websites. 

Twilight Photography

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 Twilight Photography

Not all houses are created equal. Some homes have a night time appeal to them, and it's nice to be able to show that side of your property.

Using special techniques and processing technology, we capture the inviting glow of your home as the sun goes down.

Walk-Through Video tour

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A stabilized 4K video that walks you through the front door and into each room. This allows for a real-life feel as you navigate the home. This can be combined with a realtor's voice-over to highlight the features as you see them.  


Adam Carney Photography is FAA Part 107 compliant and licensed by the FAA. We also carry our NC UAS Certificate. We follow all federal guidelines when flying. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best in aerial photography and cinematography.

Drones and Photography for Realestate.

We use the latest in technology to shoot high-resolution videos and images. Super wide-angle lenses catch every detail from wall to wall. Drones give us the ability to recreate a walkthrough and provide the same perspective as if you were in the room. We put this all together to give our customers an unmatched experience.

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Advantages of Drones

Drones are the flagship of the next generation of tools that can make it easier to sell a home by showing off its best features. The increasing interest in this technology and the immense advantages of using drones indicate that people who use drones for real estate will find ways to rise above the competition effectively.

Drone Photography is Irreplaceable

There is a reason that the high-budget house hunting television shows often start with an aerial view of the property and surrounding areas. Aerial photography is unique and very difficult to emulate from the ground. These days, using a drone to capture the home from its most flattering angles, plus a look at the neighborhood, provides an ideal view of the entire space in one shot. Buyers interested in larger homes and expansive properties are given the best glimpse of everything at once to catch their interest.

NC service areas include but are not limited to:

Hickory, Statesville, Newton, Lincolnton, Morganton, Mooresville, Huntersville, Lenoir, Taylorsville

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